Cutting edge Infrastructure supported with fully automated IT System to ensure day to day operations. System is also in place to manage Ultra-Modern cold storage. Equipped with Data Loggers and GPS Navigation System available with all our delivery men. We have provided Mobile APP to place orders on both Android & IOS platforms ensuring all required data is available to both salesman and customer.


The need to ensure that the cold chain products are carefully handled and maintained in the correct temperature, wherein variations are not an option. Product purity being at stake are the challenges of the cold chain. A critical subset of supply chain management.

Stock Management
  • Product-wise, Batch wise Storage done with separators.
  • Monthly stock count done.
  • Near Expiry / Damages / Re-call.
  • Rejected / expired goods kept in a separate room.
  • FIFO strictly maintained.
  • Sales stock stored separately
Billing / Dispatching
  • All orders received are invoiced the same day.
  • Billing done on FIFO basis.
  • Non-availability of stocks informed to concerned marketing and distribution personals promptly.
  • Timely audit of pending orders
  • Billing & Dispatches are done the same day.
  • Deliveries are monitored until it reaches the customer.
  • All queries are attended and resolved within a reasonable time.

Technological Support

  • Online business reports
  • Data Management
  • Dedicated Telephone Lines
  • SMS/Watsapp/Mail alerts
  • Web orders
  • Mobile app


  • Cleaning of warehouse, office and other areas twice daily.
  • CCTV is installed at the warehouse.
  • Regulatory and Statutory requirement are followed strictly.
  • Orientation and Refresher Training given to employees.
  • First Aid
  • Organised waste management and disposal of waste paper, boxes, etc.

Adherence to Ethics & Compliance

  • Storage & Dispatch of Cold chain/ vaccine strictly as per company norms.
  • Periodic training of staff to ensure smooth operations.
  • Quality and Commercial compliance are adhered to strictly.
  • 100% Regulatory and Statutory Compliance.
  • No Child labour.